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3 Keys to Align Marketing to Your Business Whitepaper

Strategic Marketing vs Tactical Marketing: These Are Not the Same Thing

Many brilliant marketers develop an effective marketing strategy without every accomplishing their revenue goal. Understanding the difference between  strategic marketing and a tactical marketing can be the difference between success or failure.

Strategic Marketing Plan

A Strategic Marketing Plan is the overall campaign plan, it’s the big picture that includes a need to execute many details condensed in overarching summaries.  Examples could include “we’re going to nurture our prospects with emails” or “we’re going to  automate our lead flow management.”

Tactical Marketing Plan

The Tactical Marketing Plan is the real world blueprint that makes the strategy possible. It’s laying out definitions, triggers, dependencies, and measurable objectives that allow your marketing vision to become a reality. Examples could include “we’re going to start a 15 step email nurture campaign after one of these forms is submitted that runs for 8 weeks using this set of emails.”

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