A very wise man once said, "If I testify about myself, my testimony is not true."

At Tactical MA, we invite you to review the very public praise we have received helping people over the years!  To view these public endorsements of Phil Bosley, check them out at LinkedIn.

"Zero hesitation recommending..."

"I look forward to the next opportunity to work with Philip and his expertise. I have zero hesitation recommending him if his skill set matches your project needs. You will not regret it."

Tracy Si
Treasurer & Webmaster

"Extremely valuable asset..."

"Philip is the epitome of an expert. He has a wealth of knowledge and passion in the field of email marketing and marketing automation. His ability to thoroughly explain complex concepts and think outside of the box made him an extremely valuable asset to our marketing team as our Act-On consultant."

Sarah Carroll
Strategic Accounts

"Willing to go the extra mile..."

"Phil is very passionate about his work, and you can tell he takes great pride and care in it. He wants people to succeed, and that’s always his bottomline. He is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure you are successful. For Phil, his success can be measured by how successful others are after each interaction. And to that, he’s been extremely successful."

Kyle Guiao
Senior Manager, Enablement and Onboarding

"Fluid and lasting relations"

"Phil has the ultimate "can do" attitude while taking on all tasks with a positive energy and a smile. His upbeat personality and engaging personal style enables him to interact effectively with customers and peers. Phil is very well organized and keeps track of the details necessary to maintain a fluid and lasting relationship with his customers."

Renee Ford
Manager, Professional Services


"If you need any help or guidance with marketing...Phil is our go-to-guru. He's helped thousands of prospects and customers successfully launch marketing strategies and campaigns."

David Ribbens
Enterprise Account Executive

"Inspires trust and confidence..."

"One of his most valuable contributions is his innate ability to develop unique solutions to complex problems, often with such high levels of success that his solutions simply become "the new way". He asks a lot of great questions, can quickly sort out the important insights from the noise, and turn those findings into scalable strategies to help companies and customers transform their business. He inspires trust and confidence in those he supports, and is the one you want advocating on your behalf when you need to influence others and drive change."

Missie Dunham
Program Manager

"Leg up on the competition..."

"Phil is possibly the most intelligent person I have ever met. Every time I have a conversation with Phil professional, or otherwise, I learn something new. The knowledge he provides is not merely something to store away in a bucket of useless information; it is something that enhances my own set of professional skills. I would not be where I am at professionally, or otherwise without Phil. Any company that employs Phil has a leg up on the competition."

Jacob Monserrat
Marketing Leader