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Tactical Marketing Automation has developed innovative campaign methodologies grounded in behavioral sciences.  Using the latest in psychological research, the marketing strategists and experts at our full service agency have the tools to truly understand your target market, help cast your marketing vision, document your marketing strategy, and deliver marketing campaigns that get results.

Our story

Tactical Marketing Automation was founded by Philip Bosley, the former Lead Marketing Automation Strategist for Act-On Software.  With nearly 20 years of marketing experience, Philip was able to assist thousands of customers with the design and deployment of their marketing campaigns.

Throughout his career, Philip developed methodologies that increased lead generation efforts by more than 700%.  As a consultant and trainer at Act-On, Philip brought these strategies to Act-On customers, employees, and trained more than 200 agencies to deliver the same.

In 2016, Philip founded Tactical Marketing Automation as a hobby, simply to provide free advice and guidance to other marketers.  Due to the volume of requests to hire Phil as a consultant,  Tactical Marketing Automation became a full service marketing consulting and tactical execution agency in January 2018.

Meet The Team

Philip Bosley

Philip Bosley

Founder & Chief Tactician

Philip Easley-Bosley is the CEO of Tactical Marketing Automation, LLC. He has 20 years of marketing experience and has served as a consultant, advisor, and resource for thousands of companies ranging from new startups to the Fortune 100. He is firmly committed to logical, process-oriented thinking, innovative marketing strategies, and believes every person should make the world just a little better than when they found it..

Stuart "Stu" Nessel

Stuart "Stu" Nessel

VP of Sales and Client Relations

Stu is passionately committed to achieving customers strategic and tactical marketing goals. He has been actively supporting Act-On customers for 5 years and joined Tactical Marketing Automation so he could expand his involvement in helping customers realize their marketing automation goals beyond.

Michael Ford

Michael Ford

Marketing Specialist

Michael is a highly motivated workaholic who relentlessly pursues his customer’s goals. His analytical nature makes him the perfect resource for highly technical projects and complex problem solving and process design. He believes that business don’t deserve to exist if they are not actually helping people.

Jacob Monserrat

Jacob Monserrat

Marketing Specialist

Jake is a well-organized professional who handles a variety of responsibilities with ease and maturity. Communication and problem solving are in his DNA. He believes in working with people creatively and actively, to arrive at satisfactory solutions.

Ethan Tseng

Ethan Tseng

Graphic Designer

Ethan’s passion is creative design and he specializes in email and web layouts, UI, and digital or print asset design, with a strong secondary skill set in professional Illustrations and video editing. He believes in humility and hard work, and his humor and authenticity brightens the world of everyone he works with.

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