Sophisticated Data Analysis

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Transforming Data into Insights

Reporting and revenue attribution is the domain of data science, not marketing. Many marketing teams don’t have the luxury of having a data analyst, but that doesn’t change the executive expectations.

Tactical Marketing Automation makes data accessible to teams of all sizes. We provide the reporting, visualizations, dashboards, and analysis you need to drive marketing and sales decisions. With our expertise, data becomes integral to your business strategy, fostering growth and innovation through data-driven insights.

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Custom Reporting

We have the expertise to leverage your CRM, marketing applications, and other systems to compile and extract your report data. Whether we’re pulling one-time data or automating daily updates, reporting will never feel so easy.

Beautiful Dashboards

Spreadsheets are fine, but most people need charts and graphs to help them visualize their data. We BI Tools like Google Looker, Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, or HubSpot Reporting to create the best visuals for your data.

In Depth Analysis

Our data analysts and strategic marketers work together to understand what your data means. We help you convert raw numbers into best practices and strategic directions to drive the best outcomes for your business.

Experience matters!

Tactical Marketing Automation assists hundreds of businesses to help solve their greatest problems and exceed their sales and marketing goals. We focus on automating and optimizing marketing contributions throughout the customer lifecycle. With our documented methodology, Tactical MA equips digital marketing teams to optimize link tracking, page conversions, qualified lead generation, and metric reporting. By implementing effective sales operations, we help you maximize process visibility, pipeline management, and revenue forecasting.

Our goals

Our goals are directly related to your results

Your website is the core of your customer experience. We build and optimize your website to attract the right audience with the right message at the right time.
We integrate and configure the leading sales and marketing tools for your business so that traffic to your website can be properly tracked, scored and delivered to your sales team.
Seamless integration with your CRM ensures that your sales team is delivered high-quality leads so they can improve their productivity and more effectively reach your goals.
Let the data tell the story of your success through daily, weekly and monthly reports that encapsulate the entire customer journey from website visitor to loyal customer.

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