Salesforce Marketing Cloud


It Takes a Village
(to Manage Marketing Cloud)

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a fantastic marketing platform with robust, interdisciplinary capabilities. With an expansive focus on email, social media, SMS, and display advertising, it’s a preferred system for most B2B marketers who use Salesforce.

Many teams have the vision and foresight to invest in Marketing Cloud, but sometimes the need for specialized skillsets in Journies, SQL queries, Builders, Studios, and data management overwhelms marketing resources. Many of our customers report feeling frustrated and annoyed that one app requires a user to learn so many different and unrelated skills. It’s the worst when they are so overwhelmed that goals get missed.

You Don't Have to Do It Alone

Tactical MA loves helping – and we love marketing operations! Our passionate team of experts helps companies with these complex features and functionality every day. At Tactical Marketing Automation, we understand that your team may not have dedicated marketing operations staff. Any single function of Salesforce Marketing Cloud can be a single person’s specialization and a full-time job. Having an expert in your corner to guide your strategy and a team of specialists to handle the complex parts of your vision can accelerate your time to value and greatly reduce the risk of errors.

What Makes Us Special?

hubspot agency in sacramento methodology

We Love Data

“The other guys” (creative agencies) won’t touch data, integrations, or CRMs, we live in them. All day every day, we love to optimize data management between websites, marekting applications, and CRMs.

We Love Reporting

Having reports isn’t enough – you need the expertise to interpret and action the data for better results. Our data analysts create custom dashboards and provide direct assistance to augment your marketing team.

We Love Automation

Tactical MA transforms Marketing Cloud into an effective platform for audience nurturing by personalizing customer journeys, automating routine tasks, and supercharging reporting for increased lead conversion and higher ROI.

Experience matters!

Tactical Marketing Automation assists hundreds of businesses to help solve their greatest problems and exceed their sales and marketing goals. We focus on automating and optimizing marketing contributions throughout the customer lifecycle. With our documented methodology, Tactical MA equips digital marketing teams to optimize link tracking, page conversions, qualified lead generation, and metric reporting. By implementing effective sales operations, we help you maximize process visibility, pipeline management, and revenue forecasting.

Our goals

Our goals are directly related to your results

Your website is the core of your customer experience. We build and optimize your website to attract the right audience with the right message at the right time.
We integrate and configure the leading sales and marketing tools for your business so that traffic to your website can be properly tracked, scored and delivered to your sales team.
Seamless integration with your CRM ensures that your sales team is delivered high-quality leads so they can improve their productivity and more effectively reach your goals.
Let the data tell the story of your success through daily, weekly and monthly reports that encapsulate the entire customer journey from website visitor to loyal customer.

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Well-designed automation leads to 12% lower marketing costs and a 15% increase in sales productivity.

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