Email Marketing and Campaign Management

Sending Email is Easy. Getting Results is the Real Trick.

Email is the primary method of communication used by businesses and individuals. As a marketing channel, email affords a combination of low cost and extensive reach, providing the opportunity to reach out to thousands of buyers automatically. In a modern digital marketplace, effectively executing email campaigns is vital for many organizations to drive business growth.

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Make it to the Inbox

Email deliverability and inbox placement are specialized disciplines. Our team will help you clean your data, target your audience, and manage your sender and IP reputations to help you make it to the inbox. That includes help with DKIM, SPF, and BIMI authentication.

Maximize Your Engagement

Reader engagement is becoming increasingly difficult to measure. Email providers like Gmail, Apple, and Microsoft Exchange are implementing more and more privacy features. Our team can help you with A/B testing, metric reporting, and message interactivity to maximize readership and engagement.

Measure Your Results

Email is measured in more than opens and clicks. Our team can help you define your CTAs and measure your marketing outcomes and sales contributions. With the right link tracking, UTM data, and form capture process, you can get credit for your hard work!

Our goals

Our goals are directly related to your results

Your website is the core of your customer experience. We build and optimize your website to attract the right audience with the right message at the right time.
We integrate and configure the leading sales and marketing tools for your business so that traffic to your website can be properly tracked, scored and delivered to your sales team.
Seamless integration with your CRM ensures that your sales team is delivered high-quality leads so they can improve their productivity and more effectively reach your goals.
Let the data tell the story of your success through daily, weekly and monthly reports that encapsulate the entire customer journey from website visitor to loyal customer.

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