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AI and Human Ingenuity (Enhancing Creativity and Efficiency)

AI and Human Ingenuity
(Enhancing Creativity and Efficiency)

AI is revolutionizing human productivity, creativity, and efficiency. It streamlines tasks and generates new ideas; these tools offer unprecedented opportunities. However, it’s crucial to remember that AI requires a partnership with human ingenuity. With everything from its most common usage of copywriting to navigating the complexities of a lunar mission, it assists you in achieving your goals. Still, it is not a replacement for that human touch. Creativity and critical thinking remain distinctly human traits, with AI amplifying your capabilities.

You’re Still In Charge

The AI-powered tools in the market represent a major advancement in the field of creativity, enabling people to produce more assets in less time…it’s crucial to recognize that AI doesn’t replace human ingenuity; it simply enhances their creative toolkit.” – Pallavi Naresh, Group Product Manager at Google Ads

cruise controlThink of AI as cruise control in your car; while it controls the speed, you still need to steer and handle the brakes. It still needs your creativity and critical thinking to achieve the desired results. Some of the most common uses of AI are copywriting and artwork, but without you, the writing and artwork will feel…well…like it was done by artificial intelligence.

Copywriting Vomit

artificial intelligence throwing up on keyboardCopywriting is the most popular usage of AI. I could’ve asked AI to create the topic for this blog, write it, and be done with it in minutes. But there are two issues: 1) Phil (our CEO) would’ve been “slightly” annoyed, and 2) the most important thing, it would’ve been terrible. Without my creativity, “ AI just threw up all over my copy.”

Let’s see what AI writes when I ask it to write about the importance of human creativity and critical thinking when it comes to writing with AI:

Thanks, HAL 9000! Nothing it’s saying is wrong, but if anyone replied to you like that, you’d be wondering when the oxygen was going to be shut off or if they were sent from the future to kill you. Here’s where your creativity and critical thinking come into play.

Taking the same prompt, what happens when I ask it to analyze my tone and writing style first and then ask it to write about the importance of human creativity and critical thinking when it comes to writing with AI:

Better, not great, and that’s the point. I can take both of these, make some edits, or just take the essence and create something all my own. AI can help unlock ideas you might’ve not thought of instead of just staring at a cursor and waiting for your brain to develop something. It’s here to help, not replace you.

Help Me…Help Myself

jerry maguire help me help myself


I’ve talked about its most common use, but what about one you might not know: brainstorming? I used to run my own podcast with a cohost. One of the most tedious but fun things we did was having meetings about what we should talk about. We rarely came up with the best idea on the first try, but the back and forth always triggered one of us to have a lightbulb moment. AI wouldn’t have replaced my cohost, but it can be another way to get to that lightbulb moment.

This time, I’m going to start by telling AI that it is a marketing manager (Me) for a marketing operations company that likes movies like Star Wars, comic books, podcasting, self-deprecating humor, grew up in the 80s, and has 15 years of experience in marketing. Next, I’ll ask it to give me three blog topics for February:

Leveraging Love in Marketing: How Brands Can Capitalize on Valentine’s Day

The Evolution of Marketing in the Digital Era: Lessons from the Past 15 Years

From Comics to Content: What Marketers Can Learn from the Storytelling Techniques of the 80s

Again, good but not great. It took the literal prompts of what I fed into it and responded with those exact topics from my interests and experience. I must’ve asked it to revise and edit the topics 15 times and given it 5-6 more prompts until that lightbulb moment clicked. After brainstorming with it, here’s what I came up with:

Jedi Mind Tricks for Organic Search

Unveiling the Psychology of Brand Identity

Crafting Epic Campaign Narratives

You’ll notice how far the original responses are from what I came up with. I used AI as a sounding board, and it took some iterations, but it sparked a few ideas I would’ve never thought of. Now, if I could just get AI to convince Phil to let me write blogs with Star Wars puns. 😉

Embracing AI’s Possibilities

Integrating AI into daily processes, particularly in creative fields, is not about replacing human effort but enhancing it. AI is a powerful tool, streamlining tasks and offering insights you might overlook. From content creation to SEO optimization, it facilitates a more efficient workflow, enabling professionals to focus on the nuances that require a human touch. It’s important to remember that creativity and critical thinking remain uniquely human, and AI is simply a tool that allows you to reach new heights quickly.

AI has been on cruise control, and now it’s time to steer and brake. Take what AI has given you, create, edit and iterate until you’re satisfied with the results!

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