Minimalist Content Creation

Minimalist Content Creation


No one on the internet is searching for second-rate content.

People want content that answers their questions directly, thoroughly, and concisely. Quality content fulfills these requirements while also staying true to a brand’s style and tone. To rank on Google or another search engine requires a balance of keywords, readability, and classical writing structure. To connect with an audience and have them coming back for more takes an excellent understanding of personas and decision-making.

Even the most skilled content creator needs time to make that happen.

Time has always been an imposing restraint on content creators. To make the most of the time you have, you should focus on creating the right kind of content to connect with your audience, rather than merely creating more for more’s sake.

Create Something Great

When it comes to content creation, first determine how much content is needed to support your marketing and business goals. Then create just that amount and no more: instead put that time into improving your other pieces. In the same way that creating more content is not always better, improving a piece of content doesn’t always mean adding more to it. On many occasions, you may find that good editing will make written content shorter. Learn to be okay with that.

Use It Well

The point of content creation isn’t only to create content; it’s to nurture potential clients, re-engage former customers, keep current customers, or add credibility to your business. Focus on creating content that supports these goals, then make the most of it.

The point of content is to use it.

If a potential customer has seen a content piece once, they probably haven’t noticed it at all. You need to give your content the best chance it has of being seen and consumed. That means sharing it across social media, in newsletters, even directly through emails. Once you’ve created a great resource, come back to it again in campaigns or on social.

Great content deserves attention.


Unless you’re just starting out, you probably have some content sitting around; old blog posts, old interviews, videos with so-so production. At this point, you don’t necessarily need to start all of your content from scratch. Revisit content from a few years ago and give it a new touch, something more aligned with current goals and values, add new perspectives you’ve gained since then. If you didn’t create the specific piece, edit it for flow and form. Get creative with what you already have to drive some of your content creation. Improve what you have. Make the most of it. Quality content is made with a balance of practical knowledge and writing finesse. With the time restraint that most content creators work with, limiting your production schedule can help you develop better content, and content that’s worth promoting. Revisiting these content pieces over time allows you to keep things relevant and aligned with your current values and goals. Try narrowing your focus to creating quality content, instead of straining to create more.

Make something great, make the most of it, and repurpose as-needed.

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