Sharing Our Holiday Cheer

Sharing Our Holiday Cheer


As we approach the New Year, and many popular winter holidays, we at Tactical MA want to take a moment to talk about what the Holidays mean to us. It’s been a crazy year here at our California offices between growing our team, expanding our physical office, wildfires, and a week-long power outage. Changes and challenges, good or bad, shape us over the course of the year. We’re grateful for the changes the year has brought us, and excited for what is yet to come.I asked our core team to talk about what they’re looking forward to this holiday season.

This is what they gave me:

Holidays are a time for rest and recuperation. My plan for this holiday is to reflect on how far I’ve come and gain momentum for the new year.

Jeff, Marketing Technician

Family, of course, is a big theme for some. My family and the friends in my life. I am thankful for their good health and the joy they bring me every day that I am with them.

Stu, VP Sales

The ability to be with family, and the happiness they bring me! I am lucky to be so close with my family.

Sienna, Executive Assistant

It’s important to take time during the holidays to come together with friends and family and celebrate. With the advent of the internet and cell phones it gets more and more difficult to separate work from family.

Holidays are great because it’s a time when everyone celebrates, rather than a day you take off, while the rest of the world still needs something from you.

Jake, Marketing Specialist

For some, the joy and anticipation of life is itself reason for celebrating. Endings always cause people to take a good look at their story, either into their past or future.The holiday will be a time of rejuvenation so that I can launch into a new year full of new opportunities and challenges with a fresh slate and a clear mind.

Vanya, Project Manager

To me, the holidays are about getting together and spending time with loved ones. This year I’m celebrating the successes and growth of myself and the people I care about.

Michael, Marketing Specialist

The chance to celebrate the life I’ve built with the support of people who love me.

Brigit, Social Media Manager

Historically, winter has been a hard time for humanity and our holidays during this time of year celebrate life and community. For our CEO, Philip, this historical context is very important. “I take this season to celebrate the core truth of all of its holidays,” he says. “Life is fleeting and we only have a short time to celebrate the ones we love. Through all the feasts, parties, and gifts, I am especially mindful of how important the people in my life are, what they mean to me, and what I mean to them.”

This is a time for reflection, joy, and gratitude; a time to immerse in the love we all have for each other, and to live up to the aspirations of our best selves.

Phil, CEO

Happy Holidays! from all of us at Tactical MA

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