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Start 2024 Right (Don’t Miss These 4 Fundamentals)

Start 2024 Right (Don’t Miss These 4 Fundamentals)

Our CEO, Philip Easley-Bosley’s advice for 2024 is, “In the buzz of what’s new, you might overlook the easy wins you’ve already missed. Don’t skip the fundamentals.” Essentially, while chasing new trends, don’t overlook the basics. Take advantage of practical solutions that genuinely impact your business objectives. Here are some key opportunities to not miss this year:

  • Focus on Data Fundamentals
  • Add Live Chat to Your Website
  • Use AI…A Lot
  • Get Personal

Focus on Data Fundamentals

It’s easy to get caught up in big data. It’s invaluable for long-term strategic planning, but for everyday marketers, they don’t help fix immediate issues. Taking 100+ hours on an extensive data study won’t help you pivot if your current marketing isn’t performing. You’re looking for what to do NOW to achieve those long-term goals. Smaller-scale data and reporting are more efficient for tactical planning.

Most companies will benefit more from a couple of hours setting up Google Analytics or any CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool. This is not to say big data is bad, but as marketers on the front line, we need actionable data to achieve our goals throughout the year.

For example, tools like Google Analytics offer insights beyond mere visitor counts to assist in this process and optimizing the user experience for existing visitors can lead to more effective conversions. It allows you to gauge how people get to your site, what they do when there, and what actions lead to conversions. The most underutilized value is the ability to see where people are leaving, which enables you to implement new ways to convert them where they already are.

Typical recommendations to improve these conversions include simplifying forms, adding interactive content and implementing chat.

Add Live Chat to Your Website

According to Zoho, nearly 40% of B2B companies have live chat on their website, and 3 out of 4 people prefer chat as the best way to communicate with businesses. That’s a big missed opportunity for new and innovative marketing efforts. Did you know that adding live chat could increase your conversions? It’ll help in the customer’s decision-making process. The one major thing that separates traditional brick-and-mortar experience from online experience is being able to ask a question right then and there.

There are a lot of chat options. Classics include Drift or LiveChat for your team to monitor and respond to chat. Companies like Apex Chat offer managed live chat for a static cost per sales lead generated. There are also great hybrid solutions that utilize bots to handle routing and link customers directly with salespeople – HubSpot shines in this arena.

You don’t have time for 2008 strategies in such a competitive digital marketplace – it’s time to roll out a website chat.

Use AI…A Lot

AI is not going anywhere. You have to adapt. AI can significantly improve efficiency, with copywriting being just one of its apparent applications. AI has made its way into our marketing process as a brainstorming partner, think tank participant, and consultative resource in just about everything.

For example, I struggled to find my footing in writing for Tactical. Phil was struggling to provide the right coaching for me.

Here is an actual link to the AI consult that allowed us to align:

I’m having trouble helping my marketing manager understand practical examples in blog writing. What could I do to coach them better?

Here’s another example, ask it about trends in the upcoming year:

What impact will AI have in 2024?

Or even bypass a search engine and use it for research:

What was the first blog ever written?

As you can see, copywriting is just a small part of what AI can do and the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Get Personal

People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” – Simon Sinek

Creating authentic and personal content for your audience is the benchmark you should strive for, but it’s not always easy. However, if your content creation effort doesn’t solve problems for people who need your products, how could you expect them to trust you?

Edelman Trust Barometer reports that 88% of consumers say trust is critical when deciding who to buy from. According to Forrester, 70% report that authentic brands give them a “stronger feeling of confidence” and 71% of US consumers say if they can relate to a brand, they’ll want to back them  Those two stats alone should cause you to rethink your content strategy. Are you trying to help your customers or sell them something?

We are past the era of tricking people into demos and sales conversations. Deceptive subject lines, clickbait articles, and obtuse gating are not just less effective; they get you penalized by search engines and email filters. Whether it’s video content, blog content, or email marketing, it’s never been more critical to connect with buyers on a human level to help them understand how you fit with them.

Success in 2024

For 2024, don’t skip the fundamentals because something shiny came out. There are wins you may have inadvertently overlooked or underestimated their potential impact. Prioritize practical data use, integrate live chat for instant engagement, leverage AI for efficiency and innovation, and focus on personal, authentic content. These strategies will ensure a successful and impactful year for your business. Embrace these basics as your foundation for growth and connection with your audience.

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